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No Wind

No Wind. Windscreen significantly reduces turbulence in the cockpit

No Glare

No Glare. Windscreen does not emit glare, preventing dangerous driving conditions.

No Noise

No Noise. Windblox Convertible Windscreen preserves an audibly pleasant cockpit.

Without Windscreen
Driving at 30 MPH (50 Km/H) with no windscreen in place 
No Windscreen 
Driving at 65 MPH (105 Km/H) with no windscreen in place 
Windscreen in Place 
Driving at 30 MPH (50 Km/H) with windscreen in place 
Windscreen In Place 
Driving at 65 MPH (100 Km/H) with windscreen in place




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Mercedes SLK 170 Based Platform


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Mercedes SLK 170 Windscreen, Windblocker, Windstop & Wind Deflectors

With the best Mercedes SLK 170 windscreen available, enjoy the best of top-down driving. Whether you're talking on your cell phone, enjoying your stereo, or carrying on a conversation with your passenger, this windblocker will deliver a much quieter, more comfortable, and wind-free cockpit.

Mercedes SLK 170 Platform: 1982 - 2004.  This windscreen covers all Mercedes SLK 170 platforms: Mercedes SLK 200 Kompressor, Mercedes SLK 230 Kompressor, Mercedes SLK 320, Mercedes SLK 32 AMG from 1982 - 2004.  You can match this windscreen to the Mercedes vehicle by its style of semi-spherical roll.


SLK R170 Roll Hoops
Fits this style of roll hoops
SLK R170 Roll Hoops
Does not fit this style of roll hoops


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  1) Lifetime Warranty.  Only Windblox Convertible Windscreens warrantee for life against buffs and abrasions.
2) 30 Day Trial Period + Free Shipping Back.  Try the windscreen out for a full month.  If you're less than fully satisfied, simply return the windscreen at no additional cost to you.  For American addresses, we even pay for the shipping back.   3) Highest Rating. Convertible Windscreen owners like you have already tested this windscreen, and rated this windscreen the best one.


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  Highest rated windscreen:

6.4 / 7.0

Value: 6.6 / 7.0: 

Service: 6.3 / 7.0   The 110% Low Price Guarantee.  Should you find a lower price on a new Windblox convertible windscreen, for up to 30 days after your purchase, Windblox will refund 110% of the difference.
  The absolute best trial policy in the business.  If, for some rare reason, you are anyway less than pleased with our windscreen, you can return it for refund within 30 days.  For US addresses, we even pay for shipping back.


Customer Comments:

- It works very well. This far exceeds what I thought I would be getting. I wanted to write to you and let you know how much I apprecited your great service and quality product. I feel like everyone should voice their happiness when they are served well instead of just writing letters when things are bad. This is one of those few times in my life that I have been ecstatic over a purchase and wanted you to be aware of how happy you have made me. Thanks so much for this product and all your answers to my questions before I settled on this windscreen.  - Karen Wells.

- This was an amazing value for the money I spent. It looks as if it cost much more than it did and I didn't even haev to pay someone to install it into my SLK. I was able to do it all myself. Super value.  - Jenny

- Good wind deflector, blocks most of the wind, and my daughter is happy, which is the opinion that counts.

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1) Can you leave the windscreen in place while raising and lowering the top?  Yes, you can.  Many customers simply leave the windscreen mounted on their car most of the year.


2) Does the bottom of the windscreen rub against the car?  No, the fastening lifts the windscreen up off the bottom to eliminate bottom-side wear, and is cushioned against the car to preventing abrasion.


3) Could the wind deflector chatter when in use?  No, the fastening system holds the windscreen very secure to the car.  This windscreen is tested to 150 MPH.


4) Is this difficult to install?  Definitely not.  Elementary age children install these windscreens.


5) What is the difference between acrylic and lexan?  Acrylic is about 18x stronger than glass; Lexan is about 61x stronger.


6) Doesn't acrylic or lexan yellow in sunlight?  Some manufactures with less quality might, but not Windblox.


7) Could the windblocker induce any sort of wear?  Never.  Since the windscreen is secure in place, there is no movement between the windscreen and the car, so there is no wear.


8) How long does this windscreen last?  With regular care and handling, your windscreen will last the lifetime of your car.


9) Is the tint an overlay film?  No, the tint is infused in the material, which resists scratches and abrasions.


10) Should I get a tint?  Tinting is a color preference, so it really depends your individual taste; however, the smoke tint is our favorite, and what we use.


11) Does the windstop cause glare at night?  No.  First, the windscreen is made of a specialty glare resistant material.  Second, the windscreen mounts at a slight angle, to further cut glare.


12) Does this windscreen interfere with the boot cover?  No, it does not.

Further Information:

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tint options

Smoke Tint

Multiple Tint Options Choose the color that matches your car... click for more information

Protect your windscreen with a carrying case.


Strap Options
Strap options to better match your car.


Glass Edge
Get the look of glass for your windscreen.

Glass edge

Cleaner & Polisher
Get a one-step cleaner and polisher to care for your wind deflector.

Clean & Polish

Cleaning Cloth
This is a micro-fiber cleaning cloth specifically formulated for this application.

Cleaning Cloth


Rubber Edging

Rubber edge to protect your windscreen and add a finishing touch.

Cleaning Cloth



Embellish your windscreen with an engraving.

Cleaning Cloth