Windblox comverible windscreens

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No Wind

No Wind. Windscreen significantly reduces turbulence in the cockpit

No Glare

No Glare. Windscreen does not emit glare, preventing dangerous driving conditions.

No Noise

No Noise. Windblox Convertible Windscreen preserves an audibly pleasant cockpit.

Without Windscreen
Driving at 30 MPH (50 Km/H) with no windscreen in place 
No Windscreen 
Driving at 65 MPH (105 Km/H) with no windscreen in place 
Windscreen in Place 
Driving at 30 MPH (50 Km/H) with windscreen in place 
Windscreen In Place 
Driving at 65 MPH (100 Km/H) with windscreen in place





1. Can you leave the windscreen in plaice while raising and lowering the top?  Yes, you do not need to remove the windscreen or adjust it to raise and lower the top on your car.

2. Does the windscreen restrict seat positioning?  No, the windscreen does not.  All seat track positions and inclination levels are preserved.

3. I'm tall and my spouse is short.  Will the windscreen still work for us?  Yes, it will

4. How much does the Windblox Windblocker cost?   Prices start at $88.

5. Does the installation require tools or drilling?   All models install simply without problem. No drilling is required for any models.

6. Can I tint the Windblox Windblocker? Yes, acrylic windblockers come with the option of smoke, copper, blue, orange, red, and green tints. Lexan windblockers come in smoke tint.

7. Is the tint an overlay film?  No, the tint is ingrained in the windscreen as part of the material; therefore, you can not scratch the tint.

8. What does the Windblox Windblocker do?   A windblocker prevents turbulence from forming in the cockpit, resulting in a much more pleasurable ride when driving with the top down.

9. What is the Windblox Windblocker made of?   The Windblox Windblocker is made of 1/4 inch polymeric Acrylic or Lexan. Reinforced polymeric Acrylic is 20x stronger than glass; Lexan is 60x stronger.

10. Where can I store the Windblox Windblocker when not in use?   When not in use, all Windblox Windblockers will fit nicely in the trunk. An optional fitted satchel is also available.

11. When using the Windblox Windblocker, will luggage still be able to fit on the rear deck?  Yes, as long as the luggage does not extend beyond the line of boot cover buttons. For instance, the Atlantic Design Luggage will fit nicely behind the Windblox Windblocker.

12. Can I still use my boot cover?   Yes, all Windblox Windblocker styles do not interfere with the boot cover.

13. Will the Windblox Windblocker fit underneath the hardtop?  Yes, there is plenty of space under the hard top; about 2 inches all the way around.

14. On the Mazda Miata, will the Windblox Windblocker fit with the 1994+ cockpit brace?   Yes, it will.

15. On the Mazda Miata, will the Windblox Windblocker fit the 1999+ Miatas?  Yes, as a replacement.

16. Will the Windblox Windblocker fit with my roll/style bar on my Miata?  There are many different types of roll bars and style bars for the Miata. When installed the Windblox Windblocker rests directly in front of the boot cover. If the front edge of your roll/style bar does not extend past the row of buttons for the boot cover, the Windblox Windblocker will fit your car. Another way to check is to take a small piece of cardboard or other thin hard material and place it straight up directly in front of the boot cover buttons. If the cardboard clears the roll/style bar, the Windblox Windblocker will fit.

17. On the Miata, Are tan brackets available?  Yes.




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